In the world of amateur spies and low budget espionage, global crisis is never an issue. However, the stakes are always high for these minor league secret agents as they battle for life and death to discover who has what it takes to Get Spy!

Season 1:
Peter Chase and his team of misfit, wannabe spies, are tasked with finding Randolph MacEntyre, AKA Poseidon,, a genius scientist who has discovered an algorithm that unlocks an endless supply of clean energy.  However, they are thwarted t every turn by Evelyn Armitage, a beautiful but deadly hellcat of sensual evilness, who leads them to danger on every turn.
Meanwhile, Kate Collier must come to terms with Evelyn’s distinct dissatisfaction in their love relationship, while Peter tries not to take it personally that Kate isn’t interested in his not so subtle sexual advances. The tangled web of love and deception comes to a bitter end as we discover who has what it takes to GET SPY.


Season 2:

The team is back! This time earning a little extra cash at an underground boxing match.  However, the plan backfires when they unknowingly double cross Alvarez, queen of the Cuban mafia. Now with a bounty on their head, the team says goodbye to the espionage business and hello to the treasure hunting business.
With ‘Mad Dog Delacroix’ hot on their trail, a pirate treasure just out of reach and a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine ready to chop through Peter’s peter, will the team finally figure out what it takes to GET SPY?


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Series Written and Created by David Beatty

Shot and Directed by Lorin Davis

Produced by Heather Fusari, Sara Monaghan and David Beatty

Special Thanks:

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Picture shot on CANON

Sound caught on ZOOM

In association with SAG/AFTRA

A Double Yellow Line Films Production