Season ONE – EPISODE 1

‘The Disc’ -Ambushed by Evelyn, Mike and Steve, Peter must give up the disc or suffer the consequences.

Season ONE – EPISODE 2

 ‘Reece’ – Kate denies her feelings for Evelyn and Peter meets his new partner Reece.

Season ONE – EPISODE 3

‘Something Fishy’ – Harper baits the team with fish analogies as Tech Girl introduces their new target, Randolph McEntyre. AKA: Poseidon.

Season ONE – Episode 4

 ‘Ottoman’s Delight’ – The team follows a lead to Poseidon. However, the stakeout quickly goes south when their cover is blown. Tech Girl has a minor meltdown and Steve makes an unwelcome entrance.

Season ONE – Episode 5 

‘Gross’ Kate throws a temper tantrum. Reece finds a bullet in the testicle. Kellie St. Clair threatens Peter’s foreskin and Evelyn reminds Kate they still have some unfinished business.


Season ONE – Episode 6

‘Evelyn Bites It’  – The team follows Evelyn into a gun fight. Peter, Kate and Reece must decide to help their old friends or let them die. Reece takes it upon himself to rescue Poseidon and a shocking turn of events tears our team apart.

Season ONE – Episode 7  

‘Cocaine, Viagra and Olive Oil’  –  In the aftermath of the gunfight, Mike, Kate and Peter dig up the past in an effort to forgive and forget. Tech Girl comes to the rescue and uses the tracking device to locate Reece.

Season ONE – Episode 8

The Russians’  –  Season Finale.  Reece negotiates money with the Russians. The outcome doesn’t look good for Randolph as Peter, Kate and Mike team up to end this one way or another.